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National Geographic cada año selecciona las mejores fotos espontáneas ganadoras de diferentes años, ya sea profesionales o de amateurs, la idea es capturar el momento preciso de una bella foto, donde la bicicleta juega un rol importante, abajo algunos ejemplos desde el 2009, donde han sido ganadoras, entre muchas fotos de diferentes categorias.

SPONTANEOUS MOMENTS - Marrakech Traveler: It was mid-morning and he must have wanted to ride into the light. I was shooting for the ABC TV show Born to Explore when I snapped this photo. (John Barnhardt/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest)

Winner 2012

A lad takes a "shower" under the monsoon rain in Arrupe Centre. Arrupe is a House-School, placed in the city of Battambang (Cambodia), created to give an opportunity to those who were mutilated by landmines and affected by polio. The lad in the picture had Poliomyelitis when he was a child.
Location: Battambang, Cambodia

Winner 2011

Merit Prize
Photograph by Lida Chaulet

"Cycling Nun"

Lida Chaulet photographed this cycling nun in Lucca, Italy, while walking to her car. “As a tourist, I had my camera around my neck, and I was able to focus in seconds,” she says. Chaulet panned the camera with the moving bicycle so that the background would blur while the nun and guitar remained sharp. (Canon EOS 1-DS digital camera, 28-135mm lens at 50mm, exposure at 1/30 second, f/5.6, ISO 250)

For the fifth year, Traveler paired its photo contest with that of Photo District News, an award-winning magazine for professional photographers. More than 3,700 avid amateur photographers entered nearly 11,000 images in the 2010 World in Focus competition—our 22nd annual contest. The pictures captured an assortment of the places, wildlife, and people that make our travels memorable, evoking a sense of delight or discovery—or both.

Winner 2010

Photo by Jhon Meister

I took this picture during my travels through Negril, Jamaica. This was a local man passing by me on the streets of Negril carrying sugar cane on the back of his bicycle.

Winner 2009

Fuente: National Geographic
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